First Responders in protective gear and robot in front of HazMat truck.


Why HazMatPT?

Logo for A2LA AccreditationYou run toward trouble when everyone else runs away. A confident response and mission success depend on proficiency – the ability to use your specialized knowledge, training, and tools to identify hazards. With HazMatPT, you can face evolving threats with confidence.

HazMat Teams and first responders are called upon to protect the public from accidental and intentional threats. The ability to accurately characterize and identify potentially hazardous materials is key to the success of this mission. The SigSci HazMatPT Program is designed to maintain and demonstrate analytical proficiency by providing chemical test panels that can be used to ensure operators and equipment are ready to respond.


How HazMatPT Works

Each panel includes four unique samples suitable for testing using conventional down-range, hand-held equipment and/or fixed-laboratory instrumentation such as FTIR, RAMAN, and GC/MS.

Samples cover threat classes including explosives precursors, white powders, illicit drug-related chemicals, pesticides and related chemicals, TICs & TIMs, chemical warfare-related compounds, poisons, and pharmaceuticals.

Participants have 4 weeks to analyze the samples and report results.

Following the PT, participants receive a report documenting the reported results compared to the expected results along with an overall score and a summary of performance across all participating laboratories.

Participants who complete and pass three contiguous HazMatPT panels will receive a certificate of recognition and commendation.

Order the Current Three Test Panels in a single order for $300 less than the cost of buying them individually!