Scientist in a laboratory.

Why Custom PTs and Training Sets?

Enhance confidence in the validity and defensibility of your results

Meet your laboratory’s accreditation requirements through regular participation in accredited PTs

Ensure operational readiness by challenging operators, instrumentation, and response networks


Our Custom Offerings

SigSci designs custom PTs and exercise training sets to meet specific client needs and budget constraints. Our solutions are scalable from a single panel of samples to support an exercise or training activity to ongoing PT programs for large laboratory networks.  

We will work with you to design a solution that covers the matrices, targets, analytical methods, and performance metrics needed to maintain and demonstrate analytical proficiency. 

Our scope covers multiple threat classes including chemical warfare-related chemicals, TICs and TIMs, explosives, biological pathogens, and toxins. A variety of analytical methods can be challenged, such as FTIR, GC/MS, LC/MS, PCR, Immunoassay, Polarized Light Microscopy, and Fluorescence Microscopy. Samples are tailored for each client and cover matrices including collection media (e.g., sorbent tubes), powders, liquids, soils, sludges, wipes, and vegetation.

Logo for A2LA AccreditationFor customers needing proficiency test solutions, SigSci’s ISO 17043 PT provider accreditation provides you the assurance our processes for creating, validating, and distributing test samples and for assessing and reporting results adhere to the highest standards of quality. 


Custom PTs. What Do You Get?

  • ISO 17043 Accredited PT Plan customized for your needs
    • Test panels are customized to cover matrices, targets, methods, and performance metrics specific to your program
    • Solutions range from single test panels to ongoing PT programs
    • We provide PT programs for individual laboratories as well as large laboratory networks
  • Rigorous sample validation
  • Clear and concise report detailing participants’ results compared to the expected results, along with an overall assessment of proficiency


Custom Training/Exercise Samples. What Do You Get?

  • Test panel design customized for your needs
    • Test panels are customized to cover matrices, targets, and methods specific to each customer and can be tailored to simulate a specific training or exercise scenario (e.g., meth laboratory, clandestine explosives laboratory, fentanyl production, etc.).
    • Panels range in size and complexity depending on exercise and training needs
  • Scenario development support (optional)
    • Written scenario descriptions
    • Scripts detailing the use and applicability of the training/exercise samples
    • Props to support and enhance your training event
  • Rigorous sample validation
  • Test key detailing expected results for each sample included in the panel

Need Customized PTs or Exercise/Training Samples? Talk to Our Pros.