GCMS-PT: Single Test Panel

  • GCMS-PT: Single Test Panel

GCMS-PT: Single Test Panel

Each GCMS-PT single test panel includes four samples verified as being detectable by both field-grade and laboratory-grade GC-MS instruments. Each sample is uniquely numbered and contains approximately 0.5 g of solid material or 1 mL of liquid material. Specific targets vary by sample, but cover compound classes such as explosives precursors, white powders, illicit drug-related chemicals, pesticides and related chemicals, TICs & TIMs, chemical warfare-related compounds, poisons, and pharmaceuticals. 


Three different single panels are available:

Title Registration Deadline  Sample Ship Date
2023 - Q3 Panel 7-31-2023 8-14-2023
2023 - Q4 Panel 10-30-2023 11-13-2023
2024 - Q1 Panel 1-29-2024 2-12-2024

Included in each panel:

  • Analysis Instructions including sample preparation directions
  • Safety Information
  • Submission Schedule
  • Reporting Spreadsheet
  • Report of Evaluation